EyeEm Awards Festival Finalist


**Honoured to be among the 20 extraordinary finalists for the EyeEm 2016 Festival & Awards - The Street Photographer category, selected from 270,000 international submissions. Jury comprising qualified professionals from World Press Photo, National Geographic Magazine, Magnum, Getty and many others. Photos will be exhibited in Berlin in August.






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Stars & Stripes American Car Show (1) The People

Classic American cars, lifestyle, memorabilia & trade stalls at Tatton Park. 


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Kodak Ektar

Nothing compares to the joy I feel when seeing high resolution scans from my medium format films. This is what happens when I go shopping with my Mamiya 7II in the bag. Lovely skies asked for some quick shots. Very pleased with the results, although it was nothing planned and the wind was terribly strong. 

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+ Wear That Misty Dress Again +

+ So I put the misty dress on and tiptoed in the morning. I woke up the world with every step. +

+ And the closer I got, the deeper the cosmic pulse was echoing inside. +


+ And I looked at ourselves from the outside. And all the dreams were in bloom. +

+ From the depth of my love, I rose above the love. +

+ I wore the necklace. + 

+ And held your hand. Even if you were not there.

+ The air was heavy. Our breathings pure. +

+ I wore the charm. +

+ I wore the earrings. +

+ I wore the scarf. +

+ I wore the ring. +

+ I burried the pain. +

+ And then we danced ... + 

... and danced + 

+ Until the sun dissolved it all. +

+ Until I could see myself clear and nothing hurt. +

+ Until I found my way back home. +

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